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Learning Principles for Improving Your CSS


In today’s article I will mostly talk about my own experience, and what I have learned about CSS after almost one year and a half of heavy practicing.

First, let me remind you that CSS is an extremely simple language. It can be summed up in 3 words: selector, property, value. Nothing more, really. This is why some people don’t like CSS at all: because they feel like children playing with LEGOs.

Yup. Explain the basics of CSS to a 9 years old child and he or she will be able to create a website. Not a complex one I agree, but maybe a few pages with headers, links, content, images, and such. Read More…


5 Great Examples of Big Photo Use in Web Design


In 2012 we could see the growth of the trend of big images in web design. Throughout the year we could see more and more big and beautiful images appearing in nice and clean designs. Since we believe that the big images trend will stay strong in 2013, and also because we believe that images can give a lot of personality and style to a design, we decided to gather a list of fresh examples of sites taking advantage of beautiful images. Explore and enjoy!

Read More…

Clients and Pricing

Why is it that some agencies and freelancers can charge premium prices while delivering low-quality work?

We’ve all seen this time and time again.

It’s not hard to find stories of people paying tens of thousands of dollars for mediocre design or development. In fact, maybe you’ve inherited some of this work in the past and have had to repair it.

Sometimes clients aren’t satisfied with the results, but often — and this is the crazy part — they’re happy with the results, even if they could’ve received better work at a much lower price from you. Read More…

What’s New – Adobe Dreamweaver and PhotoShop CS6

When announced that Adobe was releasing Adobe CS6 this year I jumped with excitement because now my design and administration life would of been lots easier. Mainly that Adobe themselves would be doing lots of coding and the user (myself and you) would merely just have to align and do minor customization (Dreamweaver CS6) in order to achieve a goal. In Photoshop CS6 it was all about the idea of the software now been able to read my mind to place and subtract elements. No! I’m not crazy. I’ll explain more in depth in the article.  Read More…