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Learning Principles for Improving Your CSS


In today’s article I will mostly talk about my own experience, and what I have learned about CSS after almost one year and a half of heavy practicing.

First, let me remind you that CSS is an extremely simple language. It can be summed up in 3 words: selector, property, value. Nothing more, really. This is why some people don’t like CSS at all: because they feel like children playing with LEGOs.

Yup. Explain the basics of CSS to a 9 years old child and he or she will be able to create a website. Not a complex one I agree, but maybe a few pages with headers, links, content, images, and such. Read More…


OpenVPN MyPBX Tutorial by Lemuel Boyce

Start with with creating your custom inittab file which should be put in the /persistent directory.

To create the inittab file use VI as it is the only text editor enabled on the MyPBX systems.

Command: vi /persistent/inittab , you could either write these settings as illustrated in the image bellow or

Read More…

Configuring Two Wireless Routers with one SSID

Many wonder if you can configure two different routers with one SSID. Well, I am here to tell you that it’s quit simple. I will walk you through the steps to achieve this if you ever wanted to try this at home or even at your own personal office. At my house I have some many devices that I can’t even keep up with. Cell phones, iPad, Xbox 360, wireless printers etc etc.  Sharing bandwidth can be quite annoying at the times if other around you don’t know what sharing means in the large spectrum of networking so you have to develop a way to make everyone happy and here is how. Read More…